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Since 2004, we have been observing people in context, understanding 
their needs and motivations, and seeing how they engage in digital experiences.
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Roundtable Discussions

American Express • Apple • AT&T
Experian • Facebook • Google • HP
New York Times • Nike • Nuance
Philips • Thompson Reuters • Samsung
Verizon • Vodafone • Walmart

The Digital Trust Initiative™

Creating trusted experiences using personal data
The Digital Trust Initiative is an independent effort to study digital design and privacy in digital technology. The work of the initiative is funded, in part, by a variety of partners noted in the presentation materials. The views expressed in these materials and the conclusions drawn do not reflect the views of these partners. Further, the partners have not independently verified results of the study, nor do they make any representation as to the accuracy or value of any statements made herein.  This presentation, and all of the underlying materials, including any ideas, processes, data, designs and techniques used in the study, is the property of Create with Context, Inc. For more information, please contact info@createwithcontext.com.
Develop ‘win-win’ solutions that build trust through transparency, choice, user experience, and value
Integrate a trust infrastructure into business practices including: policies, guidelines, insights, best practices, etc.
Between business, their partners, customers, employees, press and regulators to support innovation

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